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Application Maintenance

For most project managers, the day their product is actually released into the market is the end of the product development activity. But the fact is, the product release isn’t the end, it’s usually beginning of the long maintenance and upgrade cycle. Software maintenance is one of the important phases of the product life-cycle. It contains the enhancements and improvements to the existing software that provides the competitive edge required to stay ahead in any industry. A & B helps you accomplish this task with its proven methodologies to application maintenance. The maintenance activities contain, from fixing small issues in the application to enhancing the software functionalities.


A & B conducts a thorough impact analysis for the changes requested by the client. This impact analysis to the application, helps in identifying the effects on other parts of the systems. We carefully outline the service level agreement (SLA) requirements for each client, based on their needs.


A & B’s innovative software maintenance process focus on:


  • Offshore and onsite maintenance

  • Maintenance process implementation

  • Bug tracking, reporting & fixing

  • Research, design and implement new features

  • Migration activities

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