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Application Re-engineering

The constant growth in technology are forcing clients to alter the way they do business. Products in old technologies are difficult and expensive to maintain. Therefore, several businesses plan to migrate their applications to newer technology and platform. With our extensive experience in application re-engineering, we help businesses achieve their goal to modernization.


A & B specializes in migrating legacy applications to modern applications, using our re-engineering methodologies, by carefully studying the business logics in the legacy system. Our methodologies focus on both data migration and technology migration.


Migrating to a new technology is a big decision, which requires assessment of market opportunities, feasibility study and new architecture. A & B helps you in achieving success and smooth transition in every step of the migration process. We do the assessment of the product to be retired and gain the required knowledge. Our application re-engineering experts, conduct a thorough research on the platform and technology for the new architecture and create the required documents.


A & B offers the following services:


  • Operating system migration

  • Migration from legacy products to .NET or Java platform.

  • Migrating from old architecture to new open & standards based architecture (re-architecting)

  • Migration to new software delivery model, such as inhouse product to Software as Service.

  • User interface upgrade

  • Programming language migration

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