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User interface is not just having a functional and efficient design with proper workflow. Users also expect to have a great experience interacting with the product. They like to see an appealing visual design and simplicity.

We always add value to every application that has an user Interface, irrespective of the technology. A & B is experienced in handling any user experience challenges and successfully delivered products with complete user satisfaction. We follow user centered design approach, to make sure that every aspect of design is completed, with end users in mind.

We identify the target users of the application from the project owner and stakeholders. We follow the below methods to create the UI design of the application,

  • User Interviews:


             We reach out key end users and conduct personal interviews. This method captures, what are pain points in the current                             process, what are the key goals of the new application

  • Focus Groups:

            We use this method, if we need to receive feedback from a larger group. It helps to understand the application at group level                    and their acceptance.

  • Reviews:

           We reach out to project stakeholders and end users through out the UI design phase, to make sure we capture the areas of                       improvement, before the application goes to development phase.

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