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Businesses has to adapt to the ever changing market and technology evolution, with regularly updates to the software applications. The success of any application does not entirely dependent on design & development, but also in it's Quality. No matter how good a software is designed and functionalities made simple and reusable, if there are technical deficiencies, it hinders the usability. Therefore it is mandatory to conduct frequent software testing of the application to assure seamless user experience and meet the overall quality aspects of a system.

Software testing is getting more complicated as technologies evolve. UI's are getting richer and complex, development cycles are shrinking, and architecture complexity is increasing. All these constraints reduces the timeline needed to assure the quality of the system. All these factors necessitate the employment of a test strategy that can satisfy these constraints and fulfill the required quality objectives.

A & B undertake QA testing services as an important part of all our software projects. We follow industry standard methodologies to make sure our clients meet the quality assurance goals. Our QA team is proficient in multiple software testing technologies and tools. Test automation helps the businesses to improve their efficiency and eliminates repetitive manual testing. 


Our QA services offer:

  • Experience in designing and implementing test automation frameworks

  • Smoke and regression automation

  • Automation feasibility study

  • Expertise in industry's leading testing tools, including open source testing tools like Selenium.


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