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Solution Architecture provides the link between Enterprise Architecture and the technical design delivery of the program. It is a process of developing, documenting and reviewing with all stakeholders a multi-dimensional architecture that delivers a specific business outcome. All the applicable architecture domains such as business, data, application, technology and security will be defined within the context of the solution architecture.

A & B offers the following:

  • Our Solution Architects develop the overall technical vision and solution, that meets the overall standards of your organization.

  •  We will be engaged from the start of a project, involved in validating the business requirements and building the technical requirements, and remain involved until the end of the project.

  • We recommend which technologies will provide the best solution for your organization.

  • The architectural deliverables provide a complete view of the solution (process, data, infrastructure, services) and inputs that your organization can use to update each area of your Enterprise Architecture. 

  •  We ensure that all design and test documents align with the architectural solution and drive the resolution of technical issues.

  • Our Solution Architects are skilled in managing teams of technical, business architects and designers on a large project.

Service Oriented Architecture Consulting

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a software architectural concept that defines the use of services to support business requirements. In a SOA, resources are made available to other participants over the network as independent services which can be accessed in a standardized way.

SOA is a standards-based design methodology that more closely aligns IT with business processes using a collection of shared services on a network. Using standard interfaces that help mask the underlying technical complexity of the IT environment, SOA enables greater re-use of IT assets. This results in more rapid development and more reliable delivery of new and enhanced business services.

Business Benefits

  • Efficiency: Transform business processes from replicated processes into highly leveraged, shared services that are cost effective in terms of maintenance

  • Responsiveness: Rapid adaptation and delivery of key business services to meet market demands for increased service levels to customers, employees, and partners’ business process consulting, service oriented architecture, SOA web services, SOA consulting, web services consulting

  • Adaptability: More effectively rollout changes throughout the business with minimal complexity and effort, saving time and money


Technology Benefits

  • Reduced complexity: Standards-based compatibility versus point-to-point integration reduces complexity

  • Increased reuse: More efficient application/project development and delivery through the reuse of shared services, previously developed and deployed

  • Legacy integration: Legacy applications, leveraged as re-usable services, lowers the cost of maintenance and integration

Java Solution Architecture Consulting

Our application architects understand need to build solutions with consideration of increased demands for faster time-to-market, higher-degree of automation and operational efficiencies and increased pressures to adopt newer technologies and standards, while providing higher returns from clients IT investments.

We believe that architecting Java applications require proven architectural and design patterns and principles. Considering this, our Java solution consulting services help you in:

  • Architecting and designing solutions that constitute the industry best practices

  • Building flexible architecture to develop applications that are responsive to changing business needs

  • Enabling companies to quickly deploy new applications and speed time-to-market by using domain specific reusable component frameworks encapsulate reusable components, templates, UI wrappers and code blocks

  • Reducing cycle time for Java application development

  • Leveraging existing knowledge base, Java technology research and application development experience

  • Leveraging popular open-source application architectural frameworks like Fuse ESB, Struts and Spring among others.


Our Java Solution Consulting team begins with a brief study, where key development topics are identified and assessed. On basis of the priorities, project continues with designing the targeted application and data map or with more technical issues like defining the platform and infrastructure principles. Architecture consulting project delivers clearly documented architectures with development roadmaps. After architecture delivery, clients can leverage the application development and delivery services of     A & B for application development requirements. 

Our Java team has worked with the technology since its inception. Through our extensive experience across many Java projects, we have templates of several technology stacks for quickly building solutions for our clients. With a dedicated team of Java experts, A & B is ideally placed to leverage the Java framework to deliver next generation business solutions.

.NET Solution Architecture Consulting

At A & B, we provide business-to-business and system-to-system solution architectures and designs not only from the technical but from business perspective.

We recommend software solutions considering target user groups, impact on the organization, processes work-flow and technology infrastructure. Our solution architects work closely with clients to identify goals, problems and opportunities.

Our .NET Consulting team specializes in:

  • Understanding business issues, processes, and organizations

  • Providing broad-based strategic and technical consulting skills across all Microsoft products and technologies

  • Managing large-scale strategic projects by using a risk management perspective and exceptional interpersonal skills

  • Transferring technical knowledge on .NET technology platform from e-Zest to your company, while continuing to serve as a long-term trusted partner to your IT organization

  • Providing access to in-depth expertise on Microsoft .NET platform

  • Portal solutions such as SharePoint, BizTalk

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