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Data integration service is the employment of a group of services that comply with service-oriented architecture. Data integration offers a powerful set of transformation processes for meeting an array of business imperatives. The advantages of employing data integration as an enterprise service include reduced time for marketing, a reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO), and a solution to the obsolete and expensive data-integration patterns.

Data integration becomes a challenge, since organizations has to deal with current and historical data from diverse sources. Organizations realize the importance of data integration as they expand and the data for information looks complex for its runtime usability.


A & B Offers:


  • Integration of various types or structured or unstructured data sources

  • Building reusable ETL frameworks

  • Data quality management using profiling, cleansing and conforming.

  • ETL performance optimization

  • Metadata management

  • Support for all the ETL jobs, which includes maintenance and monitoring.

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