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Conceptual Design

Many of our clients have great ideas for a new product, but they usually need help in creating the user interface for their great idea. We excel at helping clients to make ideas a reality.

A conceptual design is our full design proposal for the new user interface. It shows the layout, components and navigation of the application. It also illustrates the various user interaction scenarios using animations. Conceptual designs are very helpful for design reviews with the project stake holders and the end users. 


We create prototypes of key pages after the conceptual design is approved by the stakeholders. Great user interface needs to be visually appealing and convey the right image of the product or the application. Our graphics designers have years of experience in producing quality graphics and designs.

For an existing application, we can analyze and deconstruct it in order to identify any design or usability issues. We then produce a report with a set of recommendations from quick fixes to a complete redesign based on the client's needs.

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